Thanksgiving Terms

  1. Before using the certificate, you must complete and sign an agreement for client services which limits the advice to three hours and agree to a conflict of interest screening.
  2. You cannot use the certificate for matters which require entering a notice of appearance. However, if you pay my applicable fee and/or retainer for services greater than for the limited three hours, I will credit you three hours.
  3. The certificate must be used for matters that reasonably relate to your business; it cannot be used for personal matters, including but not limited to DUI defense, estate planning, etc.
  4. The certificate is not valid for matters involving securities law, international law, estate planning, or intellectual property law. 
  5. The certificate may not be used on services that would create a conflict of interest among other clients pursuant to the Rules of Professional Conduct. If the services would create a conflict of interest, the client may only use the certificate for other services which would not create a conflict of interest. 
  6. The certificate will be valid for one year after issuance, and will expire thereafter. 
  7. The certificate for free services is being provided for free to you. 
  8. By registering you will be entered into our mailing list and may receive other promotional offers via phone or email from time to time. You may unsubscribe at any time you wish.
  9. The value of the certificate is only redeemable as three hours of legal services. The holder is not entitled to receive any cash value from returning or redeeming the certificate.
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